Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

A couple of weeks ago, our bestest friend contacted us and suggested that if we weren't doing anything for Easter, and as she had a new picnic basket which was desperate for some use, we should make the drive to Cardiff and join her and her daughter (J-cub's betrothed wife-to-be) for a picnic. In the shade under a tree where a squirrel made frightening leaps from branch to branch above our heads, we started a new tradition which we've sworn to continue every Easter from now on - FEASTer. We had piles of sandwiches and sausages and couscous salad and yellow cupcakes (Amelia loves yellow) and bunny biscuits (J-cub loves bunnies) and fruit of all kinds and yoghurt and smoothies and sickly-sweet hint-of-apple water.

The feast was topped off with Peppa Pig easter eggs (two Peppa-obsessed pre-schoolers were very happy), and J-cub's had a Peppa ring in it which he wore with pride.

We spent the rest of the day playing in not-one-but-two parks, feeding ducks, playing football, chasing and chasing and chasing each other, playing hide-and-seek ("Meemeeeeya! Where you?"), fighting over sandpits and having a second picnic tea back in their garden.

We managed not to leave til 6.15pm, JC predictably fell asleep in the car, but went off to bed without too much complaint and went to sleep on his own for the first time since before Christmas. And I have that feeling that you get when you've had tons of fresh air and sunshine and physical exercise and you're freaking knackered but it's a good knackered, and I can smell barbeques and feel a tingle of sunburn on the back of my neck and can't wait to go to bed and fall asleep thinking about how utterly cute it was when the little ones were running in circles around the picnic blanket trying to catch each other to give each other tickles. Nuh-night x

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