Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bottomless toddler pit

This is a rare occasion for me - at the moment we frequently have whole days of No Eating Thank You Very Much Mummy, and J-cub's diet and willingness to try new things really leaves something to be desired - thank goodness for dairy and fruit upon which he would solely exist if possible.

Anyway - a late morning trip to the dentist coupled with a raging tantrum about not touching fire extinguishers meant he got put to bed without lunch (not as a punishment, just because he was shattered and the shuddering breaths definitely indicated bed was needed) and he didn't wake up til nearly 4. So we had a late lunch/snack combo which started an hour ago and has neatly segued into tea. And he's still going. So far, he's had...

2 large bananas.
A full cup of milk.
2 large rice cakes, one with peanut butter, one with red pepper houmous.
A huge bowl of plain Greek yoghurt.
A snack pack of apple flavoured mini-ricecakes (he snuck into the kitchen and stole these while I was looking for something to cook).
A Quorn burger.
A large carrot.
About a quarter of a tin of beef ravioli.

As soon as he's finished each thing, he's asked for more. "More 'nana please Mummy!". "More dice cake please Mummy!".

If I'd realised this was going to happen, I could have cooked a proper meal. As it was, I was reduced to scrabbling in the freezer for something microwaveable (the Quorn burger and the ravioli). At least it's a roughly balanced meal - there's lots of protein in there, lots of carbs, dairy, fruit and veg. He wouldn't normally have something like beef ravioli, I know it's full of salt and sugar and on a normal day, J-cub thinks that pasta is the Devil's work. This is one of our biggest bugbears - he doesn't eat bread (except for toast in the morning), potatoes (except chips/potato waffles), pasta or rice. Trying to get carbs into him is a nightmare. From time to time though, he'll go on a big carb-loading spree, which does really demonstrate that they eat what they need, and maybe he doesn't need it most of the time. And maybe I should just chill out about it all.

I had the other half tin of ravioli for my lunch (due to my mouth being all numb from the dentist) and so it was there, and he saw it, and asked for it. And ATE it. Maybe there is hope after all ... he's now hopping around the living room shouting "De-di-shush pasta!"

I took an amusing video which I'll add later when I've edited it...

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Glovecat said...

Hollow legs, with variable hollowness... It's quite shocking what these little bodies seem capable of putting away sometimes, I agree. I'd read somewhere that babies' stomachs are about the size of one of their fists. Utter nonsense. There's a black hole in there, steadily swallowing up every scrap of matter in the known universe.