Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nanny, Buppy, Bee Boy Ded

J-cub wrote a song. It's awesome. Before you watch it, you should know that he calls his dummy 'Nanny', his bunny 'Buppy', and his bed 'Bee boy ded' (big boy bed). He likes to remind himself where his nanny and buppy are, ever since they've been confined to the bedroom. His constant mutterings of 'NannyBuppy bee boy ded' have joined forces with his new-found skill at playing guitar, and he wrote a song.

The full verse (which I didn't capture in this video - and I suck at editing videos together so this is all you get) goes:

Mummy, Daddy, bee boy ded,
Auntie RoRo, bee boy ded,
Jacob, bee boy ded,

It's brilliant. And he can now officially say "Oh well, I wrote my first song when I was two...". We're very proud.


Isadori said...

Adorable! And so talented!

Isadori said...

It's still stuck in my head - the boy has talent!