Friday, February 3, 2012


I'm slowly getting the feeling back in my fingers after deicing the guinea pigs' water and making them as warm as possible for the night.  It's so cold that Jacob hasn't removed his socks, his trousers or his jumper today; a situation which I don't think has ever before occurred.  He keeps wrapping his arms around himself, shivering theatrically and exclaiming "It's FWEEZING COLD Mummy!".

I've just been trawling pictures of frozen waterfalls, fountains, rivers and even seas around the country, and if the snow holds off (or even if it doesn't) tomorrow, I'm going to get out with my camera to get some icy pictures.  This frozen elephant at a garden centre in Essex was my favourite today.

via The Torygraph (not my reading material of choice, you understand) 

Thanks goodness that for the first Friday in 3 weeks, our heating is working.  Touch wood.

Note: Just as I finished typing this, Jacob took his socks off.  I guess it must be time to turn the heating off again ;)


Rach said...

Nothing to do with "Freezing" but I have given you a nice shiny award so come check out my most recent post.

Beth said...

Oh my gosh I'm so sorry, comments over 2 weeks old go into a 'awaiting moderation' folder but blogger doesn't notify me, so I've only just seen this! A bit late for me to pass the award on but just wanted to say thanks! You're so lovely ;) x