Monday, October 8, 2012

International Babywearing Week 2012 - Day 1


I have altogether too many posts in my posts-to-complete-and-publish file* and they're stopping me from getting on with the nitty-gritty of Actually Blogging so I'm going to ignore them and come back and do them another day**.

It's International Babywearing Week!  Woop!  Inspired by a question posed by Georgia from Documenting Delight on facebook, here is photographic evidence that yes, it is possible to babywear in heels.  This was at a wedding we attended when Jacob was 2, and helped us speedily get from the carpark to the church, and to contain him during the service.

I sold this shortie (BB Slen Green Peas, if you're interested) a while back and miss its softness.  I have a new shortie winging its way to me ready for #2, which I think I was red-carded for this morning.  I can't wait to have a squishy baby to get slinging.

One month to go!

*this is not a real file, it's a section of my head that I mostly ignore due to overwhelming feelings of Guilt.


Rach said...

Beth I am so pleased to see that you can babywear in heels. I have a desperate love of heels and have avoided them on a day to day basis as I am babywearing virtually everyday and a bit frightened of wearing them. Maybe I will get brave soon.

Seriously one month. Where did that go? Can we have updated bump watch please?

Ps. I hope it makes you feel better to know that you are not the only one with a posts to complete and publish file. If only you could see the amount of drafts I have.

Beth said...


Check it - I've worked my socks off this morning just for you. Now go forth and look at my expanding girth:


Rach said...

I am so honoured and it was definitely worth the effort on your part. You look beautiful!!

Thank you.