Sunday, May 29, 2011

#2 and #3 done already!

Look at that - just 4 little days into my half-term break and somehow, I've done 2 out of the 5 things off my list. And when I say 'I', I mean 'we'. Jamie needed to print some stuff, so he hoiked the printer upstairs and installed it into his shiny new study.

And this evening, a half-fledged idea to make J-cub a play-kitchen area in the living room turned into 4 straight hours of sorting and organising toys, so that everything is easily accessible and easily tidyable. Very important. We've got a bit lax on the old tidying front round here, and it's doing my head in.

So Jacob's cafe is now open for business, with his cash register and wares available on the left, his oven ready to cook breakfasts and light lunches, fresh fruit and veg in their baskets, and his teapot and cup out on the table ready to pour me a thousand imaginary cups of coffee. And Batty and Judy are eagerly sitting at the table, awaiting service.

It's gonna be yet another rainy day tomorrow, and for once, we'll be prepared with plenty of fun things to do. Today J-cub went the whole day without his dummy and bunny (apart from naptime), and it's good to have lots of play options if he's going to do the same tomorrow.

A little amusing moment from our day earlier - J-cub has (finally) learnt to say sorry and due to the bucketfuls of reinforcement we've been pouring over him when he says it spontaneously, he's now over-using it slightly. Case in point: I was in the kitchen earlier, bashed my elbow and shouted 'Ow!'. J-cub (in the lounge, out of sight), called "Sorry Mummy!".

Quite possibly the funniest, and cutest, thing he's ever done.


Glovecat said...

Are you trying to get him off the dummy habit then? A daunting prospect, not one I look forward to with Meg.

Jacob's "sorry mummy" made me laugh outloud, you always word things in a way which tickles me :D

Beth said...

I'm just sick of him talking with it in his mouth, and me constantly saying "Nanny out" (he calls it a nanny), and him arguing with me, and then crying when I take it away. So since we're home for most of this week, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to go coldish turkey. I can't face getting rid of it for sleep at the moment - that'll be a discussion for when he can understand a bit better. He gets so much comfort from it. But yes, saying "Leave nanny and buppy [bunny] in the bed" is nice and easy, and now (only on day 2) he comes and asks "Nanny buppy?" then remembers and says "Nanny buppy big boy bed!" and he's really happy that they're having a nice sleep there.

It is a daunting prospect. I feel like I gave it to him in the first place, and so taking it away when he gets so much comfort from it is not fair. But I hate the damn thing. And they cost a fortune - I dread to think how much we've spent on them over the years. Argh.

One step at a time!