Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Real Nappy Week 2011

I had a nice series of posts all planned for this week to celebrate Real Nappy Week and my love of all things involving fluffy bums. But oh I'm so tired, long days at work spent with a duckling nestling in my cleavage (don't ask) and Jamie having his final OU piece of work due on Thursday, so he's appropriating the laptop while I'm watching the extended version of The Lord of the Rings and crocheting pigs (it really was too much to ask that Peppa Pig would never make an appearance in this house).

So, a quick rundown....

  • Go Real - the real nappy information service. Loads of great info, advice, and a list of offers available for Real Nappy Week.
  • Baba Me - one of my favourite online retailers, who do a-ma-zing offers if you sign up for their email notifications.
  • Nappy Go Lucky - fab and local (to me) online retailers.
  • Baby Kind - great for reductions, special offers, bits 'n bobs and have super-low postal costs.
  • Little Green Earthlets - specialising in Motherease nappies, and where I got my initial stash from.

And some lovely cloth-bummed pictures to brighten your day....

Cloth nappies rock. They're so easy, and the Daily Fail can f'off with their cloth-isn't-any-better-for-the-environment rubbish. For an easy-to-digest rebuttal, see here.

There. Fastest blog post ever. Tea time!

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