Friday, May 27, 2011

Real Nappy Week 2011 - the aftermath

So I did pretty well out of Real Nappy Week - I scored five pairs of Bumgenius Babylegs for £1 each, two Bumgenius flip covers for £5.50 each, and I won an Ella's House Bumhugger from a lovely local retailer, Nappy Go Lucky.

All had arrived by the time we got home from our weekend away, and thankfully collapsed back into cloth. 3 mornings of waking up to find J-cub wet through (it was very cold in my sister's house, so he was wearing a disposable nappy with a fleece cover, sleepsuit, pajamas, and the only 2.5tog Grobag we'd taken...) meant we had to try and wash and dry everything every single day. No mean feat when we were setting off on adventures every day, the sky was threatening rain and my sister didn't have a tumble dryer.

We've yet to give the Bumhugger a proper trial as it's still going through its pre-washes, but I can report that it is beautifully soft, fits him perfectly, and J-cub attests that it is "Bery bery comfy". I'll do a proper review when we've tried it overnight.

We are now in full-time cloth, using a selection of cobbled together nappies at night as we only have two proper night nappies (both Wee Notions Night Notions) and we're never organised enough to wash every other day. I'm sick of leaky disposables, and having to wash bedding all the time, and he has never (touch wood) leaked through a cloth nappy at night. His skin is a bit prunish in the mornings, which I'm not overly happy about, but a bit of nappy free time soon sorts it out, and I'm sure it's more comfortable for him than waking up shivering with cold from being wet through.

And in local news, Swansea council are now offering a £50 incentive voucher for parents wanting to try using cloth. I really hope the scheme is successful - it would be great not to be in the minority.


Isadori said...

We use the bumhuggers at night and very rarely have a problem as long as they're stuffed with extra boosters - currently we use 2 microfibre boosters. We've also got the Ella's House boosters but found they weren't absorbent enough - that could be because they haven't been washed enough yet - it took about 6 times for the nappies.

:-) xx

Beth said...

Thanks for the tips! Do you put the microfibre under the attached insert, or on top of it? Does it matter? What wraps do you use on top?

I read somewhere that hemp can take around 12 washes to get fully absorbent!


Glovecat said...

I bought some Bambooty Night Nappies secondhand from Cloth Nappy Tree, and although they are nicely absorbant (bamboo) and haven't leaked, I find that she gets nappy rash from them... :( Not sure how to solve this - any tips? xxx

Beth said...

Do you use fleece liners Em? They keep the bum dry by wicking the moisture away, which should stop any nappy rash. Do you change her during the night still? That might help...

Or some nappy-free time as soon as she wakes up might help. Other than that, no clue, sorry. Is she in cloth during the day? What kind? Maybe it's just the bamboo, try something else at night and see how she gets on x

Glovecat said...

Well, I think their "suede" type lining thing is supposed to do that job, but it doesn't seem to work as well as fleece, so I have tried with fleece and it wasn't so bad... She's had a lingering nappy rash since then, though, so haven't dared used cloth at night for a few days... Sometimes it's fine, other times not. I'm working on it. Will make sure I always use an extra fleece liner form now on too, cheers Beth X

Beth said...

In terms of the lingering nappy rash, we've recently started using Metanium as Sudocrem started bringing him out in blisters and it works like a charm - clears it up really quick. Lots of bare-bum time too - I swear by it ;)

Isadori said...

We put the microfibre on top of the attached insert but I don't know if it makes any difference. And we use the Motherease Airflow wraps.

How are you getting on with them?