Friday, April 9, 2010


Do you remember this? After far too long, I've figured out how to attach it to the ceiling above J-cub's cot, and it's now in situ, helping him to stay up way past his bedtime every day.

He loves it. And we've discovered that by twisting it one way, it spins the other way when released (funny, that). J-cub LOVES it, and we spent a happy 5 minutes before bathtime excitedly watching it.

Also in his room is a hot air balloon I crocheted, with a little pink bunny sitting in the basket. It was supposed to have a bear, but the bunny seemed to enjoy the ride more. I crocheted this for him not long after he was born, I think, and it hung in the lounge above the travel cot where he used to have his daytime naps. It's now moved to his bedroom, and is equally spinny-fun-making.

Finally, there's his collection of little crocheted friends, which I made while I was pregnant. Some were from free Internet patterns, but most were from the same source as the bird mobile and the hot air balloon: these fab books by Ana Paula Rimoli. If you have a crocheting bone in your body, I highly recommend you check them out, as the designs are beautiful, and they make perfect baby-presents. And if I can do them, anyone can, as I'd never picked up a crochet hook before the last couple of months of my pregnancy.

I need to get back into it, as I've been on a bit of a hiatus since I finished the bird mobile, which took me forever to complete. My fingers are very itchy in the evening, and I think having something to do stops my brain from going too loopy in the quiet-times after J-cub has gone to sleep. What I really need, is to get up the duff again, so I can make something for the new baby. Not that I'm at all broody, oh-ho no ;)

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Glovecat said...

Aw, I love it! Those crocheted animals look really cool, but I feel a bit wary of crochet - knitting's fine, but I think I'd need someone to show me 'hands on' how to get to grips with the technique of crochet.

Now to read all your other recent posts! :D