Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

What a difference a year makes - this time last year I remember it being warm and sunny, a friend came to visit and we sat outside with J-cub asleep in his moses basket, before going for a walk in the Mumbles while the sun set. Today it's not so bad as it has been over the last week; at least it's not raining, but it is freezing. We took J-cub out to play in the garden for a bit and wrapped him up warm in his hooded bear coat. Last year he was just wearing a vest and sleepsuit (although I was probably not quite as good then as I am now at knowing how many layers to put on him. It's quite shocking, looking back through old videos, in how many of them he is shivering. BAD mummy).

We've all had a lovely day today, although J-cub wasn't well enough to go to his best friend Poppy's birthday party, which made us all sad. He has cut another tooth (his tenth - half way there!) which might account for his runny bum yesterday, and for part of his cold symptoms and temperature. He perked up considerably this afternoon, and enjoyed playing in his ballpit and learning to stack cups.

He also amazed us earlier, when he was standing up holding onto his toy basket with one had, and turned around to look at me. I offered him a piece of toast, which he took with his free hand, then let go with his other hand and stood there eating it! I swear he practises when we're not looking.

Anyway, the point of this post is to wish people a Happy Easter, and to show how thankful I am that Cadbury's decided not to change their Wispa egg packaging from last year to this year.

What a difference a year makes:
2009 - Aged 4 weeks

2010 - Aged 1 year, 3 and a half weeks

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Glovecat said...

Oh my god, those pics are hilarious! It IS amazing how much a body can grow in a year! :D
Ha ha ha!