Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Day in Pictures

I've started writing about 20 different blog posts today, but gave up on all of them. Instead, I've decided to share some of the hundreds of photos I take of my boy each day. Today has been (of course) marred by coughing, runny nose, diarrhoea and vomiting. When will it end???

We've still managed to have a lovely day though. I thought maybe there were too many photos here to post, but I don't really care. This blog is for me, as well as you, and I like them. So there.

07:00 Up at the crack of dawn, we decide to beat the Easter crowds and get our shopping done early after dropping Jamie off at the train station to go to Manchester to see his beloved United
07:15 - J-cub has a power nap
07:45 - Home and smug with all the shopping done
12:41 - J-cub is feeling poorly and hungry and tired
13:02 - Happily eating rice-cake, houmous and salmon before being sick everywhere
13:20 - Back to his favourite spot, resting on his fleece blanket
13:32 - Streaming with cold
13:34 - Playing some music
13:38 - Tired and grumpy and ready for bed
15:04 - J-cub went down for his nap at 13:45. At 14:30, after my lunch, I went back to bed too. It takes me ages to fall asleep, and I was just dropping off when I heard him banging around. New favourite game = balancing Things on Other Things. Jemaine and Blue Ted on the cot rail.
15:05 - Slapping the wall (J-cub is experienced at making the most noise possible in his cot)
15:06 - Waving for the camera
15:36 - More balancing - squishy ball on the back of the chair...
15:37 - ...and dummy on the back of the chair
16:42 - Walk to the duckpond with giraffe ears in place to quell the angry sobs caused by having his nappy changed
16:43 - I join in the giraffe-ear fun. I meant just to walk to the duckpond and back, but he kept looking up at me with such delight that I kept on walking. We walked for an hour, all around the woods surrounding our village. I was unprepared for the mud (wearing suede boots), the 2 massive hills (forgot my inhaler) and the effort of the walk (I managed to switch the Mei Tai from my front to my back without taking J-cub out, never done that before). We saw 2 ducks and 3 dogs and it was VERY exciting
18:06 - Tea of toast, yoghurt and pear to prevent any further bad tummyness. J-cub adores pears.


Heartful said...

Lovely!! Hope J-cub shakes his bug soon!!

(And Jake has the same orange stripey sleepsuit :-)

Beth said...

I hope he's better soon too, hopefully with having 2 weeks out of nursery while I'm on Easter holidays will help. Then we'll go back and it'll all start again ;)

Ahh well - it'll be Summer soon!

Glovecat said...

Love it! Your stories of "coughing, runny nose, diarrhoea and vomiting" should be putting me off the whole motherhood thing, but somehow they're not... Maybe it because your J-cub pics are so cute, and your obvious joy with each new development is so catching... Hope he's feeling better soon, thanks for being much more 'on it' that I am with the posts! :) MUST TRY HARDER!

Beth said...

Yes, do it! I miss your writing, and I'm desperate to see some pictures of/hear some stories about your settling into the new house.

I sincerely hope I don't put anyone off having a baby - I'm sure I would have done if I'd have started this blog when he was tiny, but right now, despite everything, he's just wonderful.

Hope you're doing well, how far along are you now?