Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Snail and the Car

We're huge fans of Julia Donaldson here.  We love The Snail and the Whale, a tale about a sea snail who is curious about the world, and hitches a ride on the tail of a humpback whale.

When we set sail for nursery this morning, it was raining, and I accordingly turned on the windscreen wipers when we were a little way down the road.  Jacob screamed with laughter to see a large snail precariously balanced on one of the wipers, going up and down, and up and down, with every wipe.  I held my breath, expecting himher to get hisher squishy bits caught at any point, and to come to an untimely and pretty disgusting end.  But heshe didn't.  When we stopped at some traffic lights and the rain stopped, there was a creak-clunk as heshe detached and fell slowly off the wiper blade.  That was the end of that, or so I thought.

About a mile later, Jacob suddenly started shrieking again, as the snail slowly squelched its way back into view, doing its best to obscure my vision.  We arrived at nursery, 8 miles and 35 minutes away from home, and it was still there.

A pretty good story, which I gleefully recounted to the children in the nursery class at school a little later (I was unexpectedly seconded there for an hour and coincidentally, was given The Snail and the Whale to read to them).


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