Tuesday, January 1, 2013


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Right.  New year, operation blog more.  Helen put it much more succinctly than I could in her New Year blog post here.  The bit that shouted at me, was this:

"I've been rubbish about writing the blog, which frustrates me, because I love having the record, and I love feeling that anyone ever reads it, and I know I'd have more chance of people reading it regularly if I actually wrote anything on it..."

I've already missed writing in any form about six whole weeks of my daughter's life.  I loved having the blog when Jacob was small, and I regretted not having started it earlier.  I love looking back on old posts, and seeing what we did and how Jacob has grown.  I feel guilty about it all the time - not recording things enough - although I do think it's important to fall into the self-perpetuating cycle of doing stuff just to blog about it.

Jamie pointed me in the direction of Janathon, a month-long project to take some form of exercise every day, and blog about it.  As I'm finally better and able to move again, I'd like to start walking.  By no means am I going to be back in my pre-pregnancy jeans any time soon, but I would like to fit in some trousers which aren't yoga pants.  Yoga pants are not conducive to being worn in wet weather - I keep coming home looking like MC Hammer.

I will therefore be aiming to do a little bit of the following every day, and do a blog post which makes mention of what I've done, although that won't be the main focus.  My activities may include:
  • walking
  • Wii fit
  • yoga
  • swimming
  • some other type of easy exercise that I haven't yet thought of
  • and, if push comes to shove, breastfeeding.  After all, it uses 500 calories a day, so that kicks all other forms of exercise (that I'm capable of)'s arse.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Day One

Sport: Walking
Distance: 2.98 km
Duration: 01 hours 04 minutes 57 seconds
At: 01.01.13 15:36

(info courtesy of runtastic PRO)

(disclaimer: I reserve the right to utterly fail at this.  I have a newborn, give me a break :D)


Helen said...

Love it!!
I'd join you only I know for sure that every day would only be walking/carrying toddler/breastfeeding, so I think it would get repetitive.
Makes me wonder if I can think of a challenge for myself, though....

Beth said...

I'm pretty sure that's how mine is going to go, but I plan to do 'normal' blog posts in addition to a couple of lines on what activities I've done. Which may include walking round Tesco with a baby in the sling and a preschooler kicking the crap out of me from the trolley. That's got to be great exercise, right?!

Isadori said...

Haha, MC Hammer - great image! And yes, blog more :)