Sunday, January 6, 2013

No More Christmas

While we watched the retro children's weekend on CITV today (Super Gran!), we finally took all the Christmas decorations down.  Everything looks very bare now (not bare by normal people's standards, obviously, there's still two layers of furniture round the walls) and it all seems to have gone by too quickly.  Jacob was none too impressed by our retro viewing - he evidently has more sophisticated tastes than we do did (and when we were quite old too, a lot of this stuff was from the early nineties).  We managed to avoid Peppa Pig long enough to watch:

  • Super Gran (Super Gran!)
  • Raggy Dolls
  • The Tomorrow People
  • Rainbow
  • Fraggle Rock
  • Knightmare (haven't watched this yet, I'm very excited)
  • Huxley Pig
  • Puddle Lane

A while ago, we found a load of Puddle Lane books in a charity shop and bought about 10 as I remembered them from my childhood and was feeling all nostalgic.  Jacob loved them, read them over and over, and insisted we carried a few with us wherever we went.  A couple of week's later, we found hundreds more at a Scout Fete and I bought as many as I could carry.  They're still firm favourites, and it was the only time today that he paid any attention to what we were watching.  The opening sequence started, and he said incredulously, "I think this is my Puddle Lane books on the telly!  What's it doing on the telly?" and was very excited to see Toby Spelldragon ("What's Toby doing there!") but wasn't too keen on the magician.

The rest of the time we were de-decorating and watching, he heartbreakingly took the opportunity to draw the following picture.  I don't know how well you can make it out, but he wrote "No More Christmas" (or No=MCisMs, as he puts it) above a picture of a Christmas tree.  He wasn't sad about it, just very matter of fact.  He was mostly excited by the present he found concealed amongst the branches which my Mum had hidden last time she was here - a tradition from my childhood of a present from the 'tree fairy' to be opened when the tree is taken down.  It was a knock-off Schleich penguin which he loved and played crazy flying games with until dinner time.

In other news, my body has decided that I am officially Doing Too Much and it doesn't want to do quite as much, thank you very much (I'll leave the details to your imagination, delicate flower that I am), so the only exercise I got today was undecorating and sleeping.  And feeding.  And dancing to the Super Gran theme tune.  Seriously, Super Gran.  Youtube it.

Happy Christmas.

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