Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 3 - Making the most of it

After an exciting evening spent collecting green stars on Super Mario Galaxy 2 (I'm so cool), I finally fell asleep around 2am this morning.

J-cub woke up at HALF-PAST FIVE. CBeebies doesn't even start til 6, it shouldn't be allowed.

I was supposed to be meeting my lovely Mummy friends this morning, but my sleep-addled brain meant that a) I forgot, and b) didn't remember until I got a concerned text asking where I was. Sorry, lovely Mummy friends.

Jamie tried to get the bus to work, but the new girl in the shop couldn't figure out how to give him cashback for his bus fare, so he came home again through the rain and I had to splash copious amounts of water on my face and drink several cups of coffee until I was awake enough to drive him in. J-cub of course fell asleep in the car. I wasn't letting him get away with that, so I requested he accompany me on a shopping spree, which he eventually acquiesced to (not without a lot of grumbling). We went to TK Maxx and found a nice lightweight waterproof coat for me, discovered that riding in lifts without the constraints of a buggy is VERY EXCITING, played with all the cool cheap toys, and bought some more unneeded tat.

J-cub is now the proud owner of his very own mixing desk, so he can follow in his parents' footsteps as a superstar DJ (although Jamie has hardly let him get a look-in with it yet). We also got a nice baby-signing book, and a book about giggles with a sound-chip so you can record yourself giggling. Which is quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen.

After TK Maxx, we went to Next and found J-cub a lovely linen suit for our upcoming weddings, but it's turned out to be too big, so we'll have to exchange it tomorrow. But ohhh, he's so cute in it.

We then headed off to Tesco for some lunch and a quick shop. On our way, I spied a fellow TA from school following me, sent her a quick text when we had parked, and she joined us for lunch. She hasn't seen J-cub properly since he was about 3 months old, and her boys are young teenagers, so she was just slightly smitten. J-cub batted his eyelids at her and charmed her with his apple-eating skills, and she proved to be a much better mum than me by having wipes to hand to deal with the inevitable mess and runny nose. I never remember wipes. Or tissues. I think I missed the bit in the maternity ward when they hand out a life's supply of small packs of tissues to all new mums.

After a lovely long lunch, we did our Tesco shop, went to Outfit and bought a nice dress for me to wear to my sister's post-wedding Sunday BBQ thing, then came home. J-cub was asleep within about 20 seconds, stayed asleep while I transferred him into the cot, and slept for a further 3 hours. I really wish he'd tell me when he's intending to do this, so I can join him.

Regardless, I got to catch up on Big Brother, drink some coffee, do some tidying, and rescue a baby bird from the evil clutches of my nasty cats.

When J-cub woke at 5pm, we had tea (and he almost ate some shepherd's pie, it was very exciting), had a play, and went to pick up Jamie. There's a bridge over a river right by where I meet him, and we were early enough for J-cub to coo and exclaim over the fact that there was water on this side, and water on that side!

I thought his heart was going to explode when he saw his Daddy walking up the bridge to meet us, he was so so happy.

Jamie got in the car and asked me how my day rated, on a scale of 1-10. Without hesitation, I said 10. I can't remember the last time I thought that, and it's the last way I expected to be feeling when I got up this morning.

Now (at 9.30pm), if I could only get the boy to go to bed...

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