Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 8 - Sleep deprivation

I'm not going to bang on about sleep deprivation too much, because I have plenty of other outlets for it elsewhere (happily, all mums seem able to empathise and therefore provide ample group-therapy opportunities).

Suffice to say, I nearly fell asleep driving to work. With J-cub in the car. Not good.

I had a very strong coffee when I got there, and managed to cope through the first couple of hours of breakfasting and playing (and by cope, I mean I put CBeebies on and tried my hardest not to fall asleep while J-cub played on and around me). The boys had again stayed up all night playing DS, and none of them had surfaced. At around 10.15, J-cub got to the end of his awakeness tether, so I gave him his bottle and popped him in the buggy. I'd got as far as pushing it from the utility room into the lounge (where there are plenty of heavy curtains to make it nice and dark), when I realised that he'd already fallen asleep. Thank God (although why he can't fall asleep that quickly at home or at night is quite beyond me).

I lay down on the sofa, just to rest for a second, and I was out like a light. I woke nearly 2 hours later, to hear J-cub stirring. I woke the other boys for lunch (at 12.30! Honestly, if there weren't extenuating circumstances, I'd be shocked at them) and managed to get in an hour's play with all four of my boys before my shift ended.

And yes, I feel terribly guilty about sleeping on the job.

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