Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 10 - Apple

Photo from earlier in the week, when J-cub spent a large proportion of his meal time balancing an apple core on his sippy cup.

J-cub's eating repertoire has extended slightly over recent weeks, but is still mostly centred around fruit and yoghurt. He's gone off pears, but is loving apples. Today he ate chunks of Pink Lady, while pointing at my Golden Delicious and making 'Give me that!' noises, until I acquiesced and gave it to him. He kept signing 'more, more', even while there were still slices in his bowl. We counted them, I signed 'apple' each time he pointed to one, and said 'apple' over and over. Towards the end of the meal, he started saying 'Ah' while pointing at the apple. When I said 'apple' again, he made a 2-syllable sound which mimicked my intonation.

When he'd finished, we went into the garden so I could hang out the laundry while he played, and I brought along the leftover slices of apple for him to nibble on. His 'Ah' sound started approaching 2 syllables, and the second one started sounding a lot like 'l'. By the time Jamie got home, J-cub was proudly holding up a slice of apple and saying 'Ah-l'.

Apart from 'Dada', 'Mama', and 'Uh-oh', he really doesn't have any other words. In the past (well before he turned 1) he had several words, including 'Duck', 'Cat', 'Tilly', 'Hey', 'Hi', 'Teeth' and various others. They've all fallen by the wayside though, and are now a faint memory. We mostly get lots of very nasal snorts and sniffs, shrieks and screams, and not much else.

I'm so excited that he might be starting to speak, especially if it means he can communicate with us more rather than get frustrated and scream. He's also signing more and more, although quite literally, he is signing 'more' all the time, which can be quite frustrating for me when I don't know what he means.

At least we have the old standby requests of 'give me a kiss/cuddle' which always work, and the utterly cute 'show me your tummy' which we discovered yesterday and have been using at every opportunity since.

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