Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 5 - Stranger Than Fiction

We used to watch a lot of films. We have a whole Billy bookcase jam-packed full of DVDs, and most of our disposable income pre-J-cub (or BJC) went on buying DVDs and going to the cinema. Since he's been around, we don't seem to have the time or the attention span to watch them any more.

We thought we'd buck the trend this evening, we scoured our shelves for something which tickled both our fancies, and settled on Stranger Than Fiction, which is existential enough for Jamie, and funny enough for me, and we'd only seen it once so we both wouldn't fall asleep through familiarity.

I made a caveat before we pressed play, that we could have regular breaks if needed, to recharge my brain and get more supplies of junk food. I promptly got swallowed into the film, and didn't resurface until Jamie suggested we have a break.

I reached for the DVD remote, and pressed pause. As is my wont, I then pressed 'time/text', to see how much of the film was left. I had paused it at 54 minutes and 12 seconds into the film. And there were 54 minutes and 12 seconds left. Seriously, how weird is that? If you want proof, click on the Amazon link above and scroll down to see the runtime.

I couldn't have done that if I'd tried.

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