Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 11 - Wedding preparations

(Friday July 30th)

I never would have imagined we would need to take so much crap with us when planning a day out to somewhere like a wedding. We're attending 2 weddings, a week apart. The first, tomorrow, is for my friend Hannah, who took over from me as my maternity cover from my job, and has become a lovely friend since then. The second, next week, is my precious little sister. Both weddings are civil ceremonies, fairly small, and in beautiful locations. I can't wait.

We spent the whole day buying last minute things (snacks for the journey, jewellery for me to wear, checking J-cub's shoes still fit, nail polish etc), getting a box of entertaining but non-violent toys for the 2-hour car journey (didn't want to encourage broken windows with throwable plastic toys), packing spare outfits for every conceivable eventuality, making all of us squeaky clean, cutting our hair, shaving our legs (well, that was mostly me), and generally polishing us up.

The wedding is kind of on the way to my parents' house, where we'll be staying for the next week. We had originally planned to go to the wedding, then either stay there overnight and go to my parents' the next day, or to drive straight to my parents' after the wedding. However, the cost of staying anywhere nearby was prohibitive and the drive was going to be 3.5 hours, on top of the 2 hours to get there. So we elected to come home again, stay here on Sunday, and leave on Monday.

And thank goodness we decided that, as there's no way we could have squeezed everything we needed for both weddings and our holiday into the car all at once.

How do people with more than one child manage?!

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