Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 41 - He's on the phone.

J-cub is now having full on conversations on his toy phones. Usually with one of us, although when we made it ring early, he picked up the handset and held it out to Tilly, then when she didn't take it, he placed it carefully on her back. Bless.


Glovecat said...

Ha ha, that's hilarious! Just don't let him persuade you to let him have a mobile phone TOO SOON, you know what the kids are like these days!

What fun! :D

Beth said...

Gah what are you doing here? Go and have a baby! I'm anxiously waiting to bump you up from 'other blogs' to 'mummy blogs' :D

Seriously though, hope you're doing well. Thinking about you loads, keep me posted!

And yes, J-cub is hilarious. I've been watching that video all day despite having him in front of me doing it on cue IRL.

Can't wait to be watching similar videos from you in 18 months time ;)

Okay keep on trucking, and eat some pineapple. Oh and tomorrow's my birthday so I sincerely hope if (s)he arrives then, you'll name her/him after me :D xxxxxxxx

Glovecat said...

Wah! Now I see that you responded to my stupid comment. I shall have to see if you've "bumped" me up yet (like the pun!)... You have gone strangely quiet, I hope you're doing well and that you are simply enjoying life too much to blog about it! All is well in babyland, though i find it hard to get much done other than what Megan wants me to do... She's lovely though, we're totally besotted! Big hug to you, mama, will you update us and post something soon? xxx