Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 18 - Family fun

(Friday August 6th)

We all spent the day at home today, having lunch and photos and with lots of visitors dropping in and out all afternoon to wish my sister and her fiance love and luck.

J-cub thoroughly charmed all and sundry by being utterly charming:

...and playing some kind of weird envelope-based game with his Uncle (to be) Sebbo.

Later in the afternoon, someone delivered the cupcakes for the wedding cake, which were stored in the garage and we had to keep going out for a quick look at because they were SO beautiful. I wanted a tower of cupcakes for my wedding, but I was argued down by my mum, who thought it was weird. My sister always gets what she (and I) want(s).

Due to these frequent garagey trips, the inner door from the utility room down some steps into the garage was propped open, as was the door from the utility room down some steps into the garden. J-cub decided this was a perfect opportunity to try out his stair skills, by climbing from the garden, across the utility room, and down into the garage (and vice versa), over and over again. The garage was empty and very echoey, and perfect for an impromptu baby disco. We practised singing and shouting and dancing (spinning around) and generally had a whale of a time with nothing for him to Not Touch and lots of room for him to run around. If I lived there, I'd so turn the garage into a playroom, it would be AWESOME.

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