Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 33 - Chalk it up...

(Saturday August 21st)

J-cub's passion for drawing has been taken up a notch by the purchase of some chunky chalks. No more little tiny pieces of crumbly, edible chalk which he can barely hold and which make hardly a mark on the old blackboard. Instead, these lovely things make chalking J-cub's new favourite activity.

We tried to instil a rule whereby if he used chalk on anything other than the blackboard (the carpet, the TV, my shoulder...) it would be immediately removed. Cue screaming tantrums and frantic pointing and grunting at the box of chalks. Even attempts at doing alternative activities (like nappy changing, eating or sleeping...) elicited J-cub's first self-invented sign, a very precise finger-wiggle in the air, just like scribbling on a blackboard.

Returning the piece (or pieces) of chalk to him made him extremely happy. I think we've created a monster.


Heartful said...

Note to self: when giving a toddler chalk to play with, it helps if you get a chalk board! (I just gave Jake paper and he decided it was more fun to draw on the walls...)

Beth said...

Does chalk come off walls? We haven't got near any walls yet, and I've found it hoovers off carpets easily.

Our chalkboard was from a charity shop for the bargain price of £4.99 inc chalks and crayons. It's got a whiteboard on the other side. I love it so much ;)