Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 29 - Blog update

(Tuesday August 17th)

I'm about to publish 19 new posts, written over the past few days, cobbled together and had photos added to today. If you want to read them in the right order, you need to go back to Day 11 and scroll up. I think it's 3 pages back.

Thanks to Emily and Rach P for giving me a little kick to get on with it, there's nothing like someone telling me they're reading the blog/missing my posts for me to think "Argh, I haven't written anything for WEEKS!".

It's just gone 1am and I'm shattered.

But J-cub said "Tilly" this morning, so it's not all bad ;)

I apologise in advance for the (poor) quality of my writing, the fact that some posts are quite scanty, any typos which I haven't caught, and the abundance of smilies. Sometimes, needs must.

Give me some comments, go on, you know you want to. It gives my life meaning again. And virtual cake tastes delicious.

Good night.


Isadori said...

I was going to pester you too but who am I to talk :-S

Beth said...

I know! I miss your posts so much. Go on, make a bit of time and do it. I was thinking about how it'll be a nice record for Jacob when he's older, although I might have to censor all the dissing of his grandparents before I let him read it ;)

Isadori said...

Must try harder!

Helen said...

Dear Beth, you don't know me at all, but I'd been missing your posts too!

Beth said...

Hi Helen,

I don't know you but I've now had a read through your blog and I love it. I'll be an avid reader from now on ;)

Thanks for reading! x