Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 24 - Naps are for losers

(Thursday August 12th)

I hadn't written any notes for today, so had to look back through my emails to Jamie (who was at work) to find out what we'd done. After a very late night last night, J-cub and I got up at 10am. 10! It didn't seem like a longer rest than normal though, as he'd gone to bed past midnight and I surely would have spent some time chilling before I went to bed.

At 12pm, 2 hours after he got up, he looked tired so I put him down for a nap. He gurgled and whinged for a while, I gave up and got him up again for his lunch.

At 2pm I emailed Jamie saying:
I can't actually believe he might have gone to sleep. He finished his lunch, threw the bits he didn't want over his shoulder, had a long drink, then came and climbed on the sofa with me, I read the Gruffalo's Child to him about 6 times, we got scared of all the monsters, then played happy monsters to get unscared, then had some songs and lots of raucous laughter, he got the hiccups, then started swiping at his eyes. Are you tired, my love? I asked. He climbed off my lap, toddled over to the door and grabbed the handle. I swooped him up into the cot and have literally not heard a peep since. Thank heavens for small mercies.
Apparently, he woke again not long after and I was shattered by the end of the day. But he spontaneously signed 'teddy bear' and signed 'crocodile' in imitation of Justin on Something Special. So not all bad ;)

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