Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 36 - Liony bum

(Tuesday August 24th)

I bought J-cub some awesome leggings off ebay (it's not too early to be preparing for winter, right?) and they arrived today. One pair has a lion playing the piano on the back, and the other has a frog playing an accordion. They are ridiculously cute, especially over his big cloth-bum.

He seemed to know just how adorable he was being, and did his best ANTM-style fierce poses for me (check out the hip flung out to one side...) whilst munching on a nectarine (yes, there is a nectarine in there somewhere).

The rest of the day, predictably, was spent chalking. And J-cub absolutely, categorically, did not eat any chalk.

He did though draw a fish. We've been playing a game where he hands off the chalk to one of us, we draw one of his favourite animals, then he scribbles over it. Our fish are of the single-swooping line variety, and after watching us do this over and over again, he made a very passable attempt at it. See, in the bottom left, the massive head/body and the tiny triangular tail? And the eye? How clever is he?


Heartful said...

It's been awhile since I've been here, looks like he's grown! He's sooooo cute.

isadori said...

Great fish! Thomas tends to draw a line and excitedly tell us it's a cat. We humour him.

Where did you get your chunky chalks?

Beth said...

Tammy - he has grown loads, he's huge! At the party we went to yesterday there was a nearly 3 year old and Jacob was taller than him! Giant baby ;)

Jemma - that's so cool ;) Do you have a cat? Jacob loves his cats so much but still has no sign/word for cat or their names, he just screams excitedly when he's near them!

The chalks are from Tesco I think, they have a great kiddy art selection.

Glovecat said...

You make me laugh. I love you comment about J's modelling hip and the insistence that there is a tangerine there SOMEWHERE.

See, I miss your posts so much that I'm guiltily going back over your old posts and commenting, hoping that you'll put up some new ones. It's been 2 months, according to my dashboard! TWO MONTHS!