Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 27 - "Garden!"

(Sunday August 15th)

We've been talking recently about J-cub's lack of language, having read that at 18 months you should expect a child to have between 6 and 20 words. J-cub barely has 3, if you count 'Mama', 'Dada' and 'Uh-oh!'. I know you shouldn't worry about this sort of thing, and I also know that babies who sign speak later. But when I hear tales of similarly aged babies having numerous words it does make me worry.

Today J-cub took a step forward by standing by the stairgate into the kitchen, pointing outside and saying very firmly "Garden!". We immediately reinforced it by taking him into the garden, and he now asks to go out regularly. It's lovely.


turtleturtleturtle said...

But sure with the animal sound he has more than 6 words! And the signs, they're words too. The sound doesn't have to be anything like the actual word, it just has to be consistent and recognisable to his primary carers. I'd say he's well up there, by the sounds of it.

Beth said...

Ah see I'd read that they had to be recognisable words, hence my concern. I've done pretty well at not comparing him to his peers while he's been growing up, but it's the thought of his 18 month development check coming up which is worrying me. I need to smack myself round the head a bit ;)