Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 17 - Date night

Jamie and I went out!

We spent the day shopping in Exeter and visiting with my sister, then had an early dinner with my Uncle who'd flown home from Riyadh for my sister's wedding. He's my mum's littlest brother, and he's lovely. I haven't seen him (or any of my relatives, for that matter, they're all scattered very far and wide) since our wedding 8 years ago. I'd been worried that J-cub might find him a bit much, as he's very tall and loud, and it had taken J-cub a long time to warm up to my parents and sister. But no, it was like they'd known each other all their lives. Within minutes of him arriving, they were having a very serious conversation while J-cub transferred magnets from the fridge to the radiator (a job which took him all week).

After dinner, we sneaked off for a hasty wash and brush up and drove back to Exeter to see Inception. In the first half-hour or so, it seemed a bit block-bustery, and I was worried Jamie wasn't enjoying it. As soon as Ellen Page popped up, I was sure he'd be quite happy. I loved it. It's still spinning round in my head now (ha) and I've been having the most bizarre dreams ever since.

Oh and a quick message to the DICK who was sitting next to me (not Jamie, on the other side): It is not acceptable to take one, let alone several phone calls at the cinema, especially when your side of the conversation involves nothing more than the sentences "Alright?"/"I'm in the cinema"/"Inception"/"Nah I can't talk now"/"I'll call you later" repeated ad nauseum. Just turn your fracking phone off.

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