Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 21 - IKEA rocks

(Monday August 9th)

Today was the last day of our holiday, and we set off on our journey mid-morning. We were making good time until the middle of Somerset, when the traffic on the motorway suddenly slowed down, then stopped. Jamie hastily found some traffic news on his mobile and it became apparent that 2 bad accidents meant we were in for a long delay. J-cub was already getting fussy so we came off the motorway and found an alternative route so we could at least keep moving. Our route took us through Bristol, and as we emerged from the city around lunchtime we decided to go to IKEA for lunch.

It was a brilliant idea. Not only were children's meals only £1.25, they were also small versions of the adult meals, rather than the usual crap-and-chips options. J-cub had meatballs, boiled potatoes and gravy. Yum. They were offering free fruit with children's meals, and we were given a banana, an orange and 2 apples. And free coffee for us.

There was a children's play area in the food area; an enclosed octagonal area with interactive tactical walls, dioramas set into the floor, and tons of soft toys and balls. Around the outside edge was raised seating for parents. It was fantastic. After our lunch, J-cub played in there while Jamie and I sat and drank our coffee. J-cub made lots of friends and took great delight in playing catch with the soft footballs.

We went for a quick wander through the children's IKEA section afterwards, and J-cub picked up a softer-than-soft cat and begged to take it home. He hugged it all the way to the checkouts, was parted briefly for the lady to scan it and then hugged it back to the car and all the way home. Awwww.

We've been to that IKEA before, but not for several years and I had a bit of a panic attack as I'd never been in one before and I didn't like not being able to see the exit. I'm a bit more seasoned now, having spent a lot of time in IKEA Cardiff, and it was much easier to cope with. At least half of our furniture comes from IKEA, and I fricking love it. If I lived nearer to Bristol, I'd be choosing it over a soft play centre anyday. Thank you, IKEA.

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