Monday, May 3, 2010

Bank Holiday comes 6 times a year

I was so looking forward to having an extra day off this week, but we've ended up doing nothing more exciting than a huge Tesco shop. Luckily it wasn't too busy, as presumably other people are more profitably engaged by visiting friends and family, and eating barbecues, and doing DIY. Our next-door neighbour has been doing something to the other side of our fence all weekend, complete with sawing and banging and screwing and nailing, carefully timed to make the most amount of noise while J-cub is napping. I can't see what he's doing, which is driving me slightly crazy. I might have to go out tonight and rig up a series of mirrors and torches to get a good look (not that I'm nosy, but it being OUR fence too, I feel like I should be privy to what's going on).

Our neighbours on the other side have bought a big trampoline with those netting-fency-side things, for their 2.5 year old daughter. Every time I'm outside there are wails of "Daddeeee, Daddeee, lemme out!", then the sounds of velcro being undone, then two seconds later ... "Daddy, I get back in now? Just 3 more bounces? Please?". At around 4pm yesterday, she started calling "Daddy, it's getting a bit dark. I scared. Come out now?". After letting her out and in again about 6 times, pointing out each time that the sun was still high in the sky and it was nowhere near dark, she started crying "Daddy, I can't see you! It's so dark, time for bed!". Bless her.

I managed to get a bit of gardening done yesterday, planting sweet pea seedlings and sowing oregano seeds. I glanced out the back when we got home today to see Tilly asleep in one of the planters, squashing the seedlings and preventing the seeds from even thinking about growing. A quick trip outside with the watering can soon prevented a reoccurrence.

Finally, a quick update on my health. I'm feeling okayish while awake, but still struggling to sleep. I fell asleep well after 3am this morning, but slept for a delicious 8 hours. Thank God for Bank Holidays and husbands who don't mind getting up with the baby. I actually managed to sleep through J-cub waking up at 7, having fun downstairs, coming back up for his nap, having a 2 hour nap, then waking up and going downstairs again. I woke up at 11.45am. It was bliss ;)

Whilst trying to stop coughing long enough to sleep in the early hours of this morning, I whiled away my time reading back through my first few months of blogging, mostly comprising list items. It made me feel even more like I want to start again, so I'm starting to pull a list together. I'm thinking of starting sometime in the next month, so I can finish around my birthday (at the end of August). Well, try to finish. Maybe I'll be more successful this time!

Here's my Look Up photo for the day - J-cub loves the lights and signs hanging from the ceiling in our massive Tesco Extra, and there's often a few birds flying around for added interest. I don't know what had caught his gaze here, but it was very exciting.


Jen said...

We ended up doing extra housework and catching up on 'cleaning the garden' stuff. I think that is what most people do on summer bank holidays:) Jen.

Heartful said...

No matter how hard we try, bank holiday always ends up with us doing nothing special. This Monday I spent most of it shifting things around the flat in an effort to declutter. We had planned to go out but it was cold and then I started eyeing up the shelves...