Sunday, May 23, 2010

What's in the box?

Now that J-cub's getting a bit older, I've been trying to play with him in a more useful way. Tammy at The Heartful Blogger has recommend The Toddler's Busy Book, which is on my wish list. In the meantime, I've been looking for inspiration from other blogs. When I find it, it always makes me feel like such an idiot for not having thought it up myself.

Today's game, courtesy of Chasing Cheerios, is 'What's Inside?'. This was swiftly rechristened 'What's in the box?', said in a wailing, Brad Pitt-esque voice from the scene at the end of Se7en (which you can see a comedy version of here). Our version involved sneaking something into a biscuit tin, banging the lid whilst chanting "What's in the box?", shaking the box whilst chanting "What's in the box?", then saying "Oooooooh what's in the box?" during the big reveal.

J-cub cottoned on to the game after about 2 seconds, he took over the banging of the lid, clapped while I shook it, then clasped his hands together in anticipation before chuckling when he saw what was inside.

When I thought he'd had enough of playing, I wandered off for a while, only to see that J-cub was carrying on playing on his own. He quickly mastered getting the lid on and off, and even remembered to put something inside the box a few times.

Later on, he found his shadow on the wall for the first time, and happily smacked it around for a while.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I wrote yesterday about the swallows (house-martins?) and managed to get some photos today looking up at them flying into their nest in the eaves of the house behind us. This stretched my photographic capabilities to their limits, as swallows apparently forage at 30-40kph. I got a few usable shots though, and this was my favourite.

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Jen said...

The simple things are the best toys :) Jen.