Thursday, May 13, 2010

Is this Summer?

We've spent a gorgeous afternoon in the garden - eating ice lollies, bouncing on the trampoline, splashing in the water tray, watering the plants, investigating here, sowing more seeds, practising walking, investigating there, taking photos, tying up sweet peas, and having a rest on a sun-warmed growbag...

I lay practically underneath the trampoline to get this picture, and even though I missed half his head, I love the happiness you can see on his face. He finally got the hang of bouncing on it today, despite having been happily bouncing in his cot for weeks. And my voice is now hoarse from repeatedly singing the Tigger song in encouragement.


Heartful said...

Lovely!! I'm hoping summer comes back in London. It's gone all cold and arctic this last week.

Beth said...

Well I evidently spoke too soon, as we woke to rain this morning. Boo.