Saturday, May 1, 2010

Real Nappy Week 2010

I'm a bit late with this post, as there are only two days left of Real Nappy Week. Still, that's two days left for you to act and get yourselves some freebies and discounts. Lots of online cloth retailers are offering 10-20% discounts using the code RNW10, and there are competitions galore to win everything from single wraps to full birth-to-potty packs worth upwards of £250.

We're so happy with our decision to go cloth, it's been about a month now and he's in cloth at all times except for over night. Nursery are happy with them, and though it means packing and taking an extra bag every day, the extra effort is worth it. I very nearly didn't bother asking them, as they already think I'm enough of a weirdo as it is, but I happened to overhear another mum telling the staff that her daughter only had disposables that day as she was in a rush, so I was brave and asked them to change.

Our only problem is that we don't have quite enough nappies, we bought 14, and had a couple of freebies. All except one of the freebies don't fit him well, so we have 15 nappies in regular circulation. With drying time, that really means that we need to be washing half way through every other day, otherwise we run out. I've tried Freecycle, I've tried netmums, and ebay, and, and the Cloth Nappy Tree, but there seem to be no freebies to be had, and good quality secondhand nappies can go for almost as much as brand new ones. As I want to use these nappies for any subsequent children, I'd rather have new so they last longer. And so I thought Real Nappy Week would be an ideal time to find some bargains to add about 5 nappies to our stash.

Whilst dredging round all the myriad of online retailers, trying to find the biggest discount/best offers, I also entered some 'Freebies not Discounts' competitions run by TotsBots. I logged onto facebook a couple of evenings ago to see a post saying "BETH WOODS come on down!!!! Send me your address and I'll send you you 5 pack of easyfits..... :-DDD"!

I've never won anything in my life, and I was so excited, especially as the prize is exactly what we needed. I have a moral compass which stops me from entering competitions where the prize is something I don't need (like a total set of nappies - I already have an almost-complete-set so would feel guilty taking a prize away from someone who would really appreciate it) or don't want (like a holiday to Ibiza or somewhere equally hot and clubby). I can't wait to receive my nappies now, so we can try them out and see how they compare to the MEOS. We already have a TotsBots wrap (see picture, above) which I love, although I need to get better at remembering to close the aplix fastening before I put it in the washing machine.

Anyway - that's all from me, I just wanted to share my excitement and encourage you to go out there and get saving/winning if your stash is in need of any supplementation. Feel free to add any further bargainous discounts you've found in the comments section.

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