Friday, May 14, 2010

Looking back

I think I spoke too soon yesterday, about Summer being here. We awoke this morning to rain, and it didn't stop until after J-cub went to bed.

We had to break out his new waterproof coat when we went out (as I couldn't find his old one), but strangely, although it is sized 18-24 months, it didn't fit. I stuck all the stickers and tags back onto it so I can return it, and found his 9-12 month one, which he's been wearing since last July. It still fits with room to spare.

He seems to have grown loads recently. His huge, always-fit-no-matter-what's-underneath dungarees have been getting a bit snug, and the shoulder straps have been let out to their maximum length. We've had to let his nappies out by another popper, and this evening we've moved him into his 18-36 month sized Grobags. His feet were right at the end of his old ones, and he kept getting stuck in the night as there wasn't room to wiggle free. I hope the new ones will last the prescribed 18 months, as he sleeps so much better in them than with blankets.

I spent a while this afternoon looking back through my photo archives for a suitable Look Up photo. I found this one, where he's just turned 9 months old. He looks so different here - he has so little hair compared to now, and that really changes the look of his face. He didn't use to have a fringe at all, as you can see here, then it suddenly grew out of nowhere. Plus his legs look really short and undeveloped - he hadn't even started crawling at this point.

He's looking at the lampshade in his room here; a cheap paper globe which I painted while I was pregnant to match the jungle stickers on his wall. It has monkeys, butterflies, vines and flowers on it, and I love it. And I love that he loves it too.

Taken 8/12/09

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