Monday, May 31, 2010

Look Up - Complete

Today is the last day of May, and therefore the last day of my Look Up project. I'm so pleased that I managed to keep going for a whole month, and have blogged every day for the last 31 days.

I haven't yet decided what I'm going to do for the next month - whether I'm going to start another list, or do another project, or what.

We had another horrendous night last night, I was up from 1.50am (which is a perfectly acceptable time to go to bed. It is not anywhere near an acceptable time to be waking up) until 5.45am when Jamie took over. J-cub finally went back to sleep at 6.30am. I was also very ill, with a raging fever, and nausea, and stomach cramps. I have no idea where it's come from, but I've had just about enough of it now.

I've therefore spent most of today sleeping (or groaning), Jamie's spent most of today juggling an overtired baby, a needy wife, and an important OU assignment which he needs to finish and get posted by tomorrow. J-cub's spent most of today in his pajamas, screeching and wreaking havoc and generally being a mischief.

I got two final Look Up photos, which I couldn't choose between. Isn't he adorable?


Glovecat said...

Well done on completing the 31 days - it's been a treat to have your posts to read every day! Your sickness sounds awful, I hope you can sleep as much as you need to in the coming days. Sounds like you are generally very run down - make sure you eat some really nutritious food!

J-Cub is adorable, and your pics are really characterful - you(and he)'ll be glad in years to come that you took all these photos of his early years! :D

Get well soon xxx

Beth said...

I'm usually a healthy person, but pregnancy turned that all on its head. I wasn't asthmatic before I got pregnant, and that's caused lots of extra problems. Having a year away from work meant that my immune system was way down when I returned, and the general baby-induced sleep deprivation hasn't helped at all.

At the moment, my hayfever is just starting to kick in, so I have a steroid nasal spray for that, which I'm suspecting may be the cause of my current illness.


You've got all these joys to come ;)