Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Boogie Wonderland

We spent a delightful afternoon at school today, building dens for fairies as part of our Eco School initiative. My group of four boys built the best den by far, even beating the normally endless creativity and imagination of the girls (although the girls' den did have a swing). I can't even take any credit for it, as I was inside catching up on paperwork during the initial design stages (I brought the paperwork home to do last night, but J-cub scuppered that plan by screaming solidly for 4 hours. Ho hum.). When I rejoined the boys, they gave me a guided tour.

My look up photo is taken from the ground floor (which you can't see), which included sleeping, eating and lounging areas. It was covered with a thick layer of cut grass, which made it almost completely waterproof and very warm and snuggly. The first level you can see is a dance floor "for the fairies to have lots of discos". Can you see the mirror ball? How cool is that?

And the top layer, which you can see the bottom of, with the mirror ball hanging from it ... it contained nothing but a thick layer of soft grass and leaves. "What's that bit for?" I asked. They answered "It's a secret place for snogging!"


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Heartful said...

Ha ha! Fantastic!