Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lots of Swallows make a Summer...

In the eaves of all our neighbouring houses, swallows are nesting (or house-martins, I don't know the difference). The sky today has been full of them, wheeling and circling, catching flies and swooping back to their nests.

It's been so very hot today - noticeably cooler inside the house but it still reached 25 degrees in the lounge - and J-cub has been crawling around naked for most of the day. He loved being squirted by bath toys in the water tray, closing his eyes and grinning with his face turned upwards in joy.

He had an alfresco dinner on the patio, at which point he caught sight of the birds and spent most of his meal with his head thrown back, watching them, pointing and giggling between mouthfuls.

We put our duvet out to air on the grass today, then brought it back in before the dew started to fall and laid it on the living room floor to make sure no spiders were clinging to its folds (I hate spiders). J-cub spent the last hour before bedtime rolling around on it, pressing his face to its softness and making squeaks of delight. When I lay down on it with him, he got as close to me as he could, put his forehead against mine and his arm around my shoulder.

He's such an angel.

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