Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bubble Boy

J-cub slept until an astonishing 9am this morning, probably helped by no alarms going off to wake us up, and only one nap yesterday (it was a 3 hour nap though, so I'll let him off). I managed to fall asleep around 2am, so actually feel a bit more like normal today.

We only had one nap again today, as he woke up late and so didn't go down until midday, sleeping through lunch and throwing everything out of whack. We've never tried to instigate a routine with him, but he's been pretty good at doing it himself, and I get a bit confused when things go haywire. Still, he's been lovely today, happy and climby and investigatory and shouty and fun.

Our day has been bubbly from start to finish; we played with bubbles this morning, which lead to lots of excited pointing and clapping and made Tilly pounce around with confusion. J-cub's book of choice for the day was a Meg and Mog board book, which has a nice 'Bubble bubble' spell in the middle, to make him giggle and continue our theme. And while he had his nap, we caught up on some telly (which felt so decadent, in the middle of the day), watching 'The Bubble' with David Mitchell which started about 6 weeks ago. We're rubbish at finding time to watch telly. It was very funny, and so nice for us to do something normal like drink a cup of coffee and watch an-almost-quiz-show during daylight.


Heartful said...


And I love your new masthead!

Beth said...

Thanks! Half an hour spent messing around with photoshop and a tablet and stylus this afternoon and I got lucky ;)