Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bouncy bouncy

Just a quickie today - it took J-cub 4 and a half hours to fall asleep last night, followed by wakings at 2am and 6am, so we've been running on empty today and don't have much to report.

We finally got him to drop off last night by resorting to the bouncer, which he is now way over the weight limit for and makes frightening creaky sounds when he's in it. He's so happy in it though, jumping and playing with the toys which surround it.

I held the camera up above it to get this picture, which he thought was hilarious. I was surprised at how well it came out, as I had to guess where it was pointing, try and get his attention, and focus and click before he looked away again.

Right now, he's been in bed for an hour, and every time his lullabies stop playing, he wakes up again. Think it might be another long night...

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Isadori said...

many sympathies on the long nights - you know how it is here at the moment! Really hope he surprises you and sleeps well :-)