Friday, May 21, 2010

No, THIS is Summer.

I made a misguided post about it being Summer a few days ago. It promptly rained for the following week. Today though, it has been HOT. J-cub has been sleeping in just a vest and his 1 tog Grobag, and has still been waking up drenched in sweat. He spent the morning wearing just a nappy, and the afternoon wearing a lovely new romper suit (I LOVE romper suits, I wish it was warm enough for him to wear them year-round). He's drunk 3 whole cups of water, and enjoyed sucking on an ice lolly. He got totally soaked splashing in the water tray, with his face right down close to the water and his eyes tight shut. We blew bubbles sitting on the grass and watched Tilly bouncing around trying to catch them. It was awesome, although I have a wicked headache from the heat.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I nearly discarded this photo, thinking that I'd missed half his face off (shooting from the hip again, or, in this case, shooting with the camera held up above him so he would look up). Then I realised that he is looking at the camera, but in the reflection in the glass door of the DVD cabinet. Inadvertent awesome shot WIN.

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