Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Don't know about the future, that's anybody's guess

Just a quick one today, as I've done nothing of note other than try and get better, take Jamie to the GP so he can try and get better, and made a stupid mistake with the washing. What was I thinking, putting a brand-new, bright-red fleece rug in with the rest of the laundry?

The insides of J-cub's nappy wraps are now a delightful pink, although thankfully the nappies themselves are still pristine-white. A few of his t-shirts and vests also came out with a hint-of-pink, but I'm sure it'll just add to his charm.

Check out the wrap on the front line, third from the left. Doh.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Today's Look Up photo comes courtesy of a battle with my camera, which has not been taking photos of the quality which I have come to expect. I've been fiddling with the settings all day, and getting nowhere, so I've switched it back to auto, stopped pretending that I can pass as a photographer, and taken some bog-standard shots.

The cherry blossom in our garden has exploded out of nowhere, it wasn't there 10 days ago, and it's just stunning. I've cunningly planted garlic all round the bottom to prevent the blackfly we are usually plagued with, and touch wood, so far it's working. I love Spring.


isadori said...

I wish my DH would admit defeat with the camera too ;-)

Heartful said...

Wow! I miss our blossoms, they've already all blown away.