Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Bloggers

I've just been catching up on reading some of my favourite blogs, and realised that no less than three of them are celebrating their birthdays today.

So, as a little birthday present to them, I'd like to point you in their direction, to enjoy their loveliness and share in their very different worlds.

Firstly, Happy 21st Birthday to Carla at Messy Carla: A Fashion Blog in a Size 16. Carla is a lovely girl, with impeccable music taste and beautiful dress sense. Her blog offers fashion and make-up advice, lovely giveaways, interviews with fellow fashionistas and much more. I've been Internet-friends with Carla since the days of frequenting myspace, and I once had a funny dream about her, which I can't remember now.

Nextly, Jen at Cakewrecks. I don't 'know' Jen at all, but the blog is well worth a look, if you enjoy eating cake and laughing at people who can't spell and seemingly have no idea of how to make something look edible. Jen's comments on the cakes are hilarious, and she deserves an extra-special birthday cake all of her own. Here you go: CAKE :D (yes, that's the best I can do, I'm tired).

Lastily, the most wonderful Anna Pickard at Little Red Boat, whose birthday, now I come to think of it, might actually have been yesterday. She's currently residing in San Francisco, and I can't work out the time difference. I think it's yesterday. Or was yesterday. Whatever, her blog was the very first blog I ever came across, and have read religiously since. It is, without a doubt, the most funny and best written blog I've ever read, and I am always cheered up by reading it. And she has two lovely cats who are very similar to our dappy cats, and that makes me happy. So Happy (probably belated) Birthday to Anna.

That's all!

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cartside said...

Funny that, Little Red Boat is also the first blog I ever read religiously. Definitely a feel good read!